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It’s no wonder that Laughing Lotus continues to be voted BEST Yoga Center in New York City!  Our outstanding teachers are the core of our community. Certified through Laughing Lotus Yoga School, each of our instructors is committed to deepening their studies, growing as teachers and guiding their students along the path of self-discovery.  They are inspired by and instruct from their own practice — experimenting, innovating and sharing with you what they discover.

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His cabinets, on the other hand, paved the way to a long period of declining interest rates, low budget deficits and stronger economic growth than the European average . Spain was a founding member of the transition to the single currency (Euro) based on the measures of his last government. Other reforms had also a deep impact on the Spanish economy, such as the extension of a network of highways, airports and the creation of new infrastructures, including the high speed train. Gonzalez-led cabinets were the first to implement a national, comprehensive infrastructure program that included not only public works but theatres, museums, secondary schools. In addition, a comprehensive welfare state was established, while improvements were made to social programmes such as pensions and unemployment benefits. A 40-hour workweek was introduced, while entitlement to paid holidays was extended to up to 30 days per year. Pension funds were also established, together with provision for social tourism. In addition, the school-leaving age was raised from 14 to 16, while the number of educational grants was multiplied by eight.

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