Raising Taxes


No one likes paying more taxes. However, tight budgets have led many states to consider revenue-raising measures aimed at taxpayers. Below, we'll go through some of the ways that taxpayers in these states will find themselves paying a bit more this year.

Gov. Roy Cooper plans to take immediate executive action aimed at expanding Medicaid, defying a state law and setting up a confrontation with the Republican-dominated state legislature.

With every paycheck, Americans pay taxes on their hard-earned wages with the promise that Social Security will provide benefits in the future. However, Social Security will not be able to keep its promise if things don't change soon.

Number of pages : 103 Publication date : 2015 Languages : English ISBN : 978 92 4 150912 1 (Full report) WHO reference number : WHO/NMH/PND/15.5 (Executive Summary)

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) The BC NDP which doesn’t see why Vancouver tax payers should have to find the money for more help. That’s because funding for health care is a provincial responsibility.

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