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The days of programming in a one-size-fits-all language are quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially for modernizing software to properly support today’s multicore and many-core platforms. SequenceL is the right tool for this job, enabling programmers to quickly support all popular hardware platforms with optimal performance. SequenceL is a compact, powerful functional programming language and auto-parallelizing compiler that quickly and easily converts algorithms to robust, massively parallel code.

Authors of selected papers from IEEE MCSoC-17 Symposium will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers to  the following journal/transaction for inclusion in special issue (TBC).

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Integration of a multi-core chip can lower the chip production yields. They are also more difficult to manage thermally than lower-density single-core designs. Intel has partially countered this first problem by creating its quad-core designs by combining two dual-core ones on a single die with a unified cache, hence any two working dual-core dies can be used, as opposed to producing four cores on a single die and requiring all four to work to produce a quad-core CPU. From an architectural point of view, ultimately, single CPU designs may make better use of the silicon surface area than multiprocessing cores, so a development commitment to this architecture may carry the risk of obsolescence. Finally, raw processing power is not the only constraint on system performance. Two processing cores sharing the same system bus and memory bandwidth limits the real-world performance advantage. In a 2009 report, Dr Jun Ni showed that if a single core is close to being memory-bandwidth limited, then going to dual-core might give 30% to 70% improvement; if memory bandwidth is not a problem, then a 90% improvement can be expected; however, Amdahl's law makes this claim dubious. It would be possible for an application that used two CPUs to end up running faster on a single-core one if communication between the CPUs was the limiting factor, which would count as more than 100% improvement.

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