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Goodgame Empire have yet another all new feature in their latest upcoming update: “Auto-attack planning”. Read on for full details. As ever there are great number more changes including alliance assistance in the hospital...

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Goodgame Empire is a multiplayer, browser-based kingdom building game in the same mold as Clash of Clans, Evony, and Game of War: Fire Age. In typical fashion, you start with a small castle. You must direct your loyal subjects to plant farms for survival and gather wood, stone, and other supplies to create improved buildings, open up further avenues for construction, and increase your town's capabilities. Building can take a while, though; Goodgame Empire is the kind of game you play a few minutes at a time, issuing new orders and checking the results of your orders from last time.

Something about the game. Goodgame Empire is a flash-based strategy game where you role play as a lord in the medieval castle, train soldiers, build a great empire and conquer other new territories.

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