Badminton Rules


A badminton match comprises the best of three games. A coin is tossed before the first game, and the winner of the toss may serve first or pick an end of the court. Only the serving side can score. In Classic scoring format, the winning team needs 15 points in doubles and men's singles, or 11 in women's singles. In the new Rally Point scoring format that just recently adopted and used for major tournaments, the winning team needs 21 points to win the match.

Below is a brief summary on the rules of the game, for a full and complete version of the I.B.F. (International Badminton Federation) rules please see .

As amended and adopted by the BWF June 2016 . Historical Versions  are also available. The Laws are a subset of the full BWF Handbook , which also covers many aspects of competition. The laws are also available rendered as a PDF Booklet and directly from the BWF website .

As with any sport it is important to know the rules of badminton. After all, you wouldn't want your opponent gaining an unfair advantage over you just because you aren't sure about them! It is also worth noting that the rules have been changed in recent years in an attempt to make the game more exciting and entertaining to watch. The laws of badminton are highly complex and technical, but here is a brief overview of the key points to know:

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